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Bookmap is a unique, popular analysis and trading platform for futures that allows you to visualize the entire market liquidity and order flow as you trade. Refreshing at 40 frames per second and with a configurable heatmap, Bookmap gives you the tools to understand the market in real-time, enabling you to trade with full awareness of the changes taking place.

The platform’s in-depth tools including heatmaps, volume tools and a range of indicators, including imbalance and strength level indicators, large lot trackers, advanced volume deltas and more, give unparalleled insight into the market. Users can leverage Bookmap’s powerful offerings to gain an understanding of the market, identify trends, discover hidden price patterns and understand order flow.

Bookmap is used by traders worldwide to better understand the market, to leverage trading intelligence and to better position themselves in the market.

Trade Futures with Bookmap!

Key Features

Dominate the market with Bookmap!

  • Bookmap’s liquidity heatmap allows you to analyze order flow and levels of support and resistance
  • The system is compatible with a wide range of data providers and exchanges
  • Unique analytical indicators offer incredible market insights
  • Recognize volume bubbles and instantly see imbalances between aggressive buyers and sellers
  • Discover the spread for an asset at any given time and identify exhaustion and absorption in real-time
  • Visualize the current order book and the depth of market in a number of different ways
  • Zoom in to observe the market at the micro timeframe level with data displayed in real-time
  • Switch between instruments with a click and display charts across multiple monitors
  • Record your trading sessions to watch later and improve your approach as well as placing simulated orders to test strategies
  • Charts can be customized to fit your trading style and candlesticks and volume bars can be added
  • Enter, modify and cancel orders directly from the chart of DOM column

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for a comparison between Bookmap and other platforms

To obtain your license key please contact our support team.

View order book history in addition to current status.

  • No delays. Bookmap is event-driven and is updated every 30 milliseconds. Most other charts aggregate and therefore incur delays.

  • Ability to watch volume profile per the desired time frame.

  • One-click on a chart to trade live.

Bookmap is aimed for Pro and retail traders to help them improve their short-term decisions.


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