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After successfully passing one of our evaluation challenges you will be provided your funded live account.
Below you can find a plan on how the scaling plan works:


Profit Target

Daily Drawdown

Max Drawdown


NET Payout

Accumulated Payout


















































Please note NET payout per step indicates clients pure profit share.
Accumulated Payout per step refers to the sum of net earnings accumulated as you climb through the scaling plan.

Yes, you can download different platforms from our Website.

Keep in mind, you can only be logged into one platform at a time.

Login to your Dashboard and click on Request Upgrade on the bottom left.

Our team will review your account and get back to you with further instructions for your live account.


You can find the reset button on your dashboard as per below at any time you wish to re-start the challenge. Learn why you should reset your account here.

On the right top corner of our website, you will see a flag sign, click on the drop-down menu and select your preferred language.
You will be granted a 3-month subscription when you register with ATAS from the link on our website.

To update any of your personal information, you will need to contact our Support team at [email protected]


If you forgot your login credentials, please contact our support team at [email protected]

We will happily assist you !

The amount you receive in your trading account is the total buying power you have available.

This essentially means that the leverage on your trading account is 1:1.

If you are having issues with logging into your dashboard, you can contact our support team at [email protected]

If you have breached your account or are off to a bad start but know that you have what it takes to complete the challenge, then instead of buying the package at the full price, we provide you the option to reset your account for less.

Keep in mind your remaining days for the challenge will not reset also. You will continue with the same amount of days remaining. The only way to add more days onto your account is through extend or purchasing a new account.

You can reset your account as many times as you like.


For example:

John purchases Futures challenge #1 on June 5th , this means he has until July 5th to complete the challenge. If on June 15th he breaches his account, but thinks he can still make the profit target by July 5th, then he can reset his account and start from scratch.

This saves John from having to pay the full amount to retry the challenge. Although, he will only have the remaining days of the initial purchase - John will have until 5th of July to reach profit target. If he needs more days, then he can purchase an extend.