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At The Trading Pit we offer our traders an innovative trading concept which motivates them to showcase their skills through our different challenges. Once we have evaluated their talent, we offer a fully funded trading account in a live environment. We are with you from your first funded trade, all the way to your financial freedom.


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Now that you are a challenge champion, we will provide you with a fully funded account so you can trade without having to risk your own capital.


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Register and showcase your trading skills as a prop trader! The goal in this phase is to successfully complete and pass our trading challenge to move on to the next one! Start earning money as quickly as 7 days!

Funded & Scaling Pro Trader

Congratulations. You are now a fully funded prop trader with full access to our funds, and you get to keep 70% of the profits! The better you become, the more funds you unlock! Managed to reach your profit target in Day 1? Get paid instantly, no minimum trading days required!

Trading Pit Expert

The Trading Pit is the only prop trading firm with a real money funding promise to support you reach full potential all the way to the top and obtain an official Certificate, become a fund manager, and even own your own hedge fund.

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Rules of The Trading Pit

The rules are simple

  • Do not hold positions overnight (3:10PM-5:00 PM CT).
  • Do not exceed the daily loss limit.
  • Do not exceed the maximum trailing drawdown.
  • Do not exceed 50% of profit target in a single trading day.
  • Trade from a minimum of 7 days

Why The Trading Pit

Risk-free trading

Trading with The Trading Pit means that you can safekeep your capital while you trade with our capital.

Improve your trading skills

We provide access to true trading veterans and their tools, so you can further enhance your skills.

Cutting-edge technology

With a background in FinTech, we understand that cutting-edge technology can help give our traders a leg up in the global markets. Therefore, we have invested in top class infrastructure and trading platforms to ensure your long-term success.

We invest in you

What do we mean by – Only we give traders the opportunity? Don’t competitors give them the opportunity to trade in true real-money environments also?