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The Seven Steps to financial freedom









































*For a more details see our full scaling plan.

  • We offer fully-funded accounts and unprecedented support to our traders.

  • After a small registration fee, and after passing a simple challenge, you’ll be trading with our funds, with no risk your own finances at any stage of the journey.

  • By scaling our simple, seven-step ladder, you’ll unlock increasing amounts of profits, which we will provide. Starting with USD 2,100, you can rise as high as a USD 80,500.00 profit before you realize your ultimate dream of becoming a regulated fund manager.

  • It’s up to you when to step up to the next level and take on more contracts, you’ll proceed at your own pace, learning and growing as you go, either moving up a step, or staying where you are, it’s entirely in your hands.

  • There are no limits on how fast you can grow and how fast your talent can take you, if you hit your targets, you can move on and your buying power will increase as you move through the steps.

  • At each and every stage, you’ll receive additional funds to trade, it’s our capital, there’s no risk to your own funds at any point!

  • By cutting out the middleman, you’ll be in a position to access the market faster, reducing the time you need to earn money. Transaction costs will be lower, meaning there’s more money to trade and more profits to be made.

Join The Trading Pit and rise from a fresh trader to a hedge fund manager with millions under management. Fast.

Once you’ve registered with us, paid a small fee, and have successfully completed one of our simple challenges, you’ve taken the first step on your journey to total financial freedom.

The worst case

We’re transparent. We believe in telling it like it is.

So, here’s the worst case scenario:

  • A trader applies to us and pays a fee for the Pro Challenge at €349.

  • They pass our challenge and begin trading. However, they fail.

  • With retail trading, the trader would lose all of the capital they had invested. They would be wiped out, forced to start afresh. It would be a professional and personal disaster.

  • With us, all the trader stands to lose is their €349 fee that they paid to take on the challenge.

That’s it. It’s a bad outcome, but they’re free to go on with their lives and careers and will be able to go on to new opportunities without suffering serious consequences.

Get paid, at EVERY step

Here’s another way in which we’re different from the competition: Once you complete a step along your journey, you get paid. It’s that simple.

No hassle. No fuss. No small print. The faster you progress through the Seven Steps, the faster you get paid. That’s it.

Every step you take, every level you pass through, you’ll be given access to increasing amounts of money that we will provide, thereby giving you the potential to earn even more.

We’re on your side

At The Trading Pit, we are committed to working with our traders and supporting them both financially and in terms of tools and education at every step of their journey.

We don’t believe that you should undo your progress when you get paid, we believe that what you’ve done to get there is enough and that you’re ready to move forward.

We are fully aligned with our traders. Their success is our success and we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your dreams.

There’s no conflict of interest, we don’t lock you in to a step, you’re free to move up the ladder. As you make money, we make money and we’ll support you in doing just that.

Traders that are performing poor tend to be overwhelmed of emotions and are more prone to error. It is the job of the team to pull him out of the rough patch faster than he could do it on his own. We are a team you work as a team, it’s for everyone’s best interest.

The Ultimate Dream

The ultimate dream is to become a fund manager.

We see it and we’re there to support you, to take you even higher, realize financial freedom and hit heights few traders can ever reach!

Working with our partners, the administrator Gentwo and the management partner Systrade , we can provide you with a Share Certificate. The certificate is a legal document that allows you to trade while your funds under management are protected in the event of legal or financial issues, meaning that you can trade in a wide range of assets, including stocks, futures, forex, physical gold and silver, crypto and more in total confidence.

Alongside the certificate, through our international network we can provide you with an International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) number, allowing you to work with international institutions and banks around the world.

We have the same dream, to see you establish yourself as a world class trader in charge of your own fund and become a regulated money manager.

Take the first step on the ladder and register with us today. Let’s make our dreams come true.