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StereoTrader is a trading optimization software and highly customizable infrastructure providing ground-breaking solutions for manual and automated trading. A scalable trading panel for the MT4 and MT5 platforms, StereoTrader is designed to simplify and accelerate trading on CFDs, Futures, and Forex with one-click functionalities and premium risk management capabilities. You can scalp, use isolated strategies, or cluster trade. Anything goes!

Upgrade your trading with over 35 one-click actions, high-level automation, and indications. Enhanced charting with extreme visual precision, intelligent orders, expert advisors (EAs), and embedded algorithms. Create or install trading robots and employ an extensive range of analytics tools. Employ unique Backtesting of strategies in real-time at full visual control. Learn fast while minimizing risks and market noise!

Key Features

The Markets From Your Own Perspective

  • Intelligent Orders

    • Limit Pullback
    • Automated Averaging
    • Market Trailing Orders
    • Synthetic Stop Loss

  • Isolated Strategies

    • No Installations
    • One Account
    • Multiple Charts
    • All Strategies

  • Powerful Backtesting

    • Estimator Backtesting
    • 3 Simultaneous Automations
    • Extensive Historical Data
    • Real-time Strategy Backtesting

  • Trading Modes

    • Stereo Future
    • Stereo Hedge
    • Single Hedge
    • Single Net

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Frequently Asked Questions

StereoTrader is a scalable software for Metaquotes’ MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Developed for CFDs, futures, and forex trading. The StereoTrader 2.6 trading interface supports both manual trading with cutting-edge features as well as algorithmic and automated trading.

The Trading Pit will provide you with a link to download and set up the StereoTrader software on your MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. It is required to install any of the two platform options prior to setting up the StereoTrader 2.6 trading interface.

The answer is no! The MT4 and MT5 platforms can only get better with StereoTrader. The StereoTrader is a scalable interface and full-featured trading front-end based on the Metaquotes’ platforms. StereoTrader 2.6 is developed to boost and optimize the user interface and user experience for professional and advanced traders in the global markets.

To backtest your strategy on StereoTrader you can set the desired time period, set the parameters and run your trading technique. Traders can also use StereoTrader’s powerful backtesting to speculate more accurately about future market prices based on historical market patterns and data.

With StereoTrader, you will be able to trade on both ETFs and CFDs from a single trading account. StereoTrader 2.6 enables traders to perform mapping of real volume of exchange-traded future on contracts for difference. The Volume Profile and Depth of Market is taken from the exchange-traded future and is displayed on a CFD chart.


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