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At The Trading Pit, we aim to revolutionise the global trading landscape by creating an innovative super app where traders and investors meet in one secure and trustworthy ecosystem. Led by seasoned brokerage industry executives Daniela Egli, Themis Christou, Artem Lomakin and serial entrepreneur Illimar Mattus, our global management team boasts over a century of combined experience and is committed to shaping the future where traders and investors are empowered to aim for success.

Empowering Innovation:

Pinorena Capital and The Trading Pit

The Trading Pit is majority-owned and forms part of Pinorena Capital, a fintech-focused private equity firm founded by financial industry entrepreneur Illimar Mattus. Pinorena Capital is a strategic investor in a variety of highly regulated global brokerage firms and asset managers, including, among others, Tickmill and Darwinex. Pinorena Capital is also an investor in banks, insurance companies and leading innovative technology providers such as LHV, Upgrade, Klarpay, Insly, C8 Technologies, and AI pioneer OpenAI, among others. Its breadth of resources and expertise is backing The Trading Pit to craft a leading trading-focused super app and a global ecosystem where prop trading is only one part of an ultimate financial product offering to deliver value for talented traders.

Our Mission
Elevate trader lives worldwide with innovative strategies, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled support, transforming the global trading experience.
Our Vision
As industry leaders, we're committed to excellence, fostering growth and innovation to push boundaries and redefine trading for our clients.

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The Trading Pit thrives as a place where we put traders first, ensuring they have everything they need to succeed. Our team, a blend of dedicated professionals, is united by a shared goal: to empower our traders. This commitment to collaboration and community creates an environment where everyone can grow and excel.

Our experts work tirelessly to match the high standards of our trading community. As this community expands, so does our dedication to meet and exceed their expectations. We focus on providing unparalleled support, crafting an exceptional trading environment, and delivering comprehensive education. At The Trading Pit, we're not just working; we're passionate about making trading accessible, rewarding, and successful for every trader.

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