It’s not about us, it's about YOU!

Setting the New Standard in Trading

Our goal is to be the new global standard in trading and investing.

Trading can feel like an odyssey, a long journey filled with difficulties, obstacles, and emotional rollercoasters. We’ve been through this journey thousands of times and paved a safe path for you.

We equip our traders with the knowledge and tools necessary to become successful partners of The Trading Pit – potentially earning up to 80% of the profits.
A financial industry where companies and traders are truly aligned for mutual benefit. To give all skilful traders a fair opportunity to reach success in an environment where there is no conflict of interest, and full transparency.
To use some of the industry’s most powerful trading platforms and solutions for high-performance order processing. Creating the prop trading super app, available to every one of our traders.

Why The Trading Pit

We give traders the necessary conditions, tools and ecosystem to support traders worldwide.

  • Multi-asset Trading: FX/CFDs, Futures, Stocks, Cryptos
  • 160+ Operating Countries
  • 25+ Institutional Partners
  • World Class Trading Platforms
  • Exceptional Trading Conditions
  • Live Webinars & Exclusive Events with Professional Traders
  • High Profit Share
  • Withdrawable profit at each level. No restrictions imposed.
  • No Trading Days Limits on Scaling Plan
  • One-Time Challenge Fee & 100% Refund of the cost of Challenge after passing Level 1
  • Transparent Rules, With No Small Print Or Hidden Clauses
  • We Welcome Most Trading Styles

Our Values




Who We Are

The Sidekick

Just like Batman’s butler, we exist to support and empower our traders in their journey.

We are not the heroes; they are… our traders, our partners!

The Team Players

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Aristoteles

Greatness is achieved together, and all aspects of the journey should be shared, including the profits.

Together, in the same growth trajectory.

The Lead Climber

Just like the lead climber risks his own life to make the path safe for others to follow, we help you grow as a trader.

The Truth Tellers

We strive to set a new standard for trading globally, one that prioritizes strong partnerships and alignment between all parties.

Your Journey with The Trading Pit


Register, choose your challenge and showcase your trading skills as a prop trader.


Trading Signal Partner
Trade on your Scaling Plan and keep up to 80% of the profits. The better you become, the more opportunities you unlock. So, grow your account and start earning!


The Trading Pit can help you dive into the certificate, hedge fund and asset management industry and grow as a professional trader.


We are equals


Help others succeed


Focus on them. Do things for them.


“How can we help you?”

Why we’re different

Our whole operation focuses on complete alignment with our clients, a.k.a partners.

We also offer a complete assembly of trading assets, training, and events.


The Trading Pit can help you dive into the certificate, hedge fund and asset management industry and grow as a professional trader.

Freedom of Choice

No conflict of interest between us and the trader. We do not trade against our own traders.

We Offer Superior Support

Our support is available to help you join, learn, and grow as a partner of The Trading Pit.

We Improve your trading skills

Our traders are experienced and professional. With the resources we make available to them, they can enhance their skills even further.

What Makes Us Stand Out

Traders get to withdraw their profits simply and fast.
Together with leading brokerage firms from around the world, we’re building a progressive network of brokers and partners.
We offer all tradeable instruments, including both EUREX and CME, Forex, Indices, Commodities, Cryptos and stocks (coming soon).
A growing network of experienced traders help traders sharpen their skills and become financially independent.
Strong educational support, tools, and systems for newbies and experienced traders! Traders get a free in-house E.A. to monitor their progress, add challenge parameters and avoid account breaching.
Rules are straightforward. Not a complicated list with dozens of rules you need to comply with.

Get in Touch With Us


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Please complete the form below for any assistance or inquiries. Our professional support team will respond to your query as soon as possible.