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24 July 2023
The Trading Pit Journey

Embark on "The Trading Pit Journey" Infographic, where transparent costs and 1-step challenges lead you to the Trading Signal Partner stage, boasting fast withdrawals, a $5 million scaling plan, and an 80% profit split for an elevated trading experience like no other. Discover the distinct features that set us apart.

26 June 2023
Prop Trading vs Retail Trading: A Comparative Overview

Prop trading is a growing trend in the financial industry, presenting new opportunities for skilled traders who can potentially navigate the changing landscape.  

31 May 2023

We provide many unique advantages and tools that give an excellent experience for our Affiliates, whether they’re new to the game or experienced.  

3 January 2023
The Trading Pit – Milestones 2022 Infographic

The TTP team has assembled an infographic for a simplified view of all our Milestones for 2022. Look into our infographic that uncovers our most extraordinary moments here!