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by The Trading Pit

The Podcast Show is a series focusing on trading, proprietary trading, banking, and fintech.

Each episode offers insights from industry experts, groundbreaking perspectives, and stimulating discussions.

Keep up with the pulse of finance and technology.




Master the Market: Essential Strategies with Desmond Long & Andreas Pilavakis

Unlock the secrets to trading success in our exclusive podcast featuring Desmond Long and Andreas Pilavakis. Join us as we delve into the strategies that distinguish the pros from the amateurs. Ready to elevate your trading game? Tune in now and gain insights that could change your trading journey forever! Watch Now!

Global Payments & Financial Tactics: Fintech Expert Viktoria Soltesz on The Trading Pit Podcast

Dive into fintech with Viktoria Soltesz on the latest episode of The Trading Pit podcast! Stream or read to uncover strategies for navigating global payments and more. Tap the link below for key insights that could transform your financial journey!

Unveiling the World of Prop Trading: Insights from the Trading Pit Podcast

Dive into prop trading with Andrea di Marco & Stephanie Wagner on The Trading Pit podcast! Discover risk management, discipline, & wise leveraging. Transform your journey with invaluable insights.

Language: Spanish

We dared to ask Google if they could measure brand impact, and this is how they reacted…

Dive deep into branding, data analytics, and big tech with our latest episode of #ThePodcastShow by The Trading Pit featuring Google.

What makes a brand more than just a name? How does Google shape the fate of branding? How important is branding in the trading world?
💥 Discover secrets hidden in plain sight.
📈 Witness the unseen power of data analytics.
🔮 Unravel the strategies shaping your world.

Are you ready for a revelation?

Trading interview from Dubai: Francis's $99K Triumph with The Trading Pit

In this engaging podcast episode, Chris Radecker and Youssef Galal shed light on Francis's thrilling trading Journey. From being captivated by trading to focusing on the USDJPY pair, Francis’s remarkable strategies culminated in a staggering $99K payout.

Dive in to uncover the very strategies that set him apart, his fierce commitment to risk management, and his firsthand account with The Trading Pit. Essential for anyone keen on trading insights!