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The Trading Pit
17 May 2023

Prop Trading 101

Learn all about prop trading, what it is, how it works and how you can enter this rewarding field and forge a successful trading career!

The Trading Pit
17 May 2023

Trading Psychology 101

Delve into the psychological strategies used by elite traders. Co-authored with Paris Orfanides, Trading Psychology 101 unapologetically exposes the psychological hurdles even the most successful traders face.

Oliver Klemm
16 May 2023

Interview: Oliver Klemm & Thomas Heyden

Oliver offered some fantastic insight on all sorts of issues surrounding trading, from trading plans, to strategies, to what to do when things go wrong. His advice for new traders was also eye-opening!

A great introduction to trading strategies, Oliver’s interview is something every aspiring trader should sit down and watch!

Jonathan Walden
16 May 2023

Interview with Jonathan Walden CEO and founder of Rithmic

Our CEO Christoph Radecker recently had the chance to sit and swap stories with Jonathan Walden, a true innovator in the field of electronic trading.

Walden, CEO and founder of Rithmic, took the time to talk about trading, technology and how the industry might look in the future.

Set aside 60 minutes and listen to a genuine pioneer, you won’t regret it.