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Proprietary trading or Prop-Trading is when a trader trades financial instruments, such as currencies, stocks, bonds, commodities, and their derivatives, with a brokerage firm's own money to make a profit for himself.

Proprietary trading starts by having traders undergo an evaluation Challenge to prove they are talented enough to be funded.

After successfully meeting the firm's targets and adhering to their rules, the firm provides the trader with a live account in which they can trade in and keep a share of the profits. All losses are covered by the prop-trading firm.

The Trading Pit is an award-winning global proprietary trading firm, aiming to challenge the conditions that traders have been working under for years. We’re here to disrupt the entire industry. Our offering is ground-breaking, and we are here to create an entirely new industry.

Offering global access to all major asset classes, including Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Futures, Options, and Cryptos.

At no point during your Live trading journey with us will you need to invest your own funds in order to trade. The Trading Pit provides a funded live account for all Partners that pass any of our Challenges.

The only expense to be covered from your end is the initial one-time purchase of one of our Challenges.

  • Our multi-asset proprietary trading infrastructure is intuitive and simple to master.

  • We play by simple, transparent rules, with no small print or hidden clauses.

  • We reward skills and pay fast because our interest is aligned with yours.

  • Our traders can access and trade on industry-leading trading platforms.

  • We help traders master their skills with unbounded educational resources and networking.

  • 500+ CFDs: Access some of the most lucrative Futures, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, and Forex Exchanges in the markets.

  • Cross-Broker: Enter a cutting-edge trading ecosystem with industry-leading brokers and fintech trading platforms and tools.

  • Unlimited Growth: Create the ultimate affiliate program, manage funds, or even own a hedge fund! Get certified and grow as you go!

  • Ultra-Low Latency: Use some of the industry's most powerful trading platforms and solutions for high-speed order processing.

  • Global Network: Join an exclusive club of professional traders. Share knowledge, sharpen your skills, and increase your benefits!

  • Trading Freedom: Bring on your best trading game! Whatever your trading style is, you are welcome at The Trading Pit.

After purchasing your Futures Challenge, you first need to accept Rithmic’s Terms and Conditions through Rithmic's Website here.

You must use the Platform Credentials (NOT your Dashboard Credentials) sent to you by email to log in. If you haven't received this email within 15 minutes of your purchase, please get in touch with our support team so that we can assist you.

Once you accept Rithmic’s Terms and Conditions, you can start trading with any of our supported platforms by downloading them from your Dashboard.