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Alex Bogdan | CEO/Co-founder of Quantower

“The Trading Pit partnership model is perhaps unique in the industry and we’re looking forward to seeing where they go. We’re sure that The Trading Pit’s traders will leverage every tool at their disposal and help change the business as they do so. From synchronous data provision from a number of providers to countless trading functions and broker neutral approach, together with The Trading Pit, traders will have the freedom to trade however they like.”

Execution and Corporate Partners

Who are we?

The Trading Pit is here to challenge the conditions that traders have been working under for years. We’re here to disrupt the entire industry. Our offering is ground-breaking and we are here to create an entirely new industry. We’re here to break up the existing approach to trading, an approach that’s outdated, fragmented and, in our opinion, entirely unfair.

We’re here to make trading fairer for traders. We’re looking for B2B partners, serious players in the trading industry. We’re committed and we’re going to change the industry. If you’re in the trading industry and you’re interested in partnering with us as we shake things up, we want to hear from you.

Join the industry’s fastest growing network of leading prop trading firms and let’s change trading for the better!

The Power of Multi-Asset Trading

Gain access to the global foreign exchange market for trading in currencies, which offers abundant opportunities for those who can take advantage of its inherent volatility.

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We stand out from the competition

We’re the only Prop Firm designed from the ground up with the goal of working with the finest industry partners in the world as we change how trading works.

We’re only looking to work with the best and we’re partnering with firms from across the industry, from data providers to brokerages, from platform providers to news and educational platforms, to banks, finance houses and more.

If you’re the best at what you do, and you share our vision, we want to hear from you.

Why Brokers Love to Work With Us:

  • We’re the only Prop Firm that actively helps to promote and market our partner brokers. You are part of our success!
  • We can help you position yourself as a reputable broker in specific countries allowing you to dominate your chosen market.
  • We can help you to expand to new countries and markets.
  • Our products and support help increase your revenue. Receive a percentage of our profit share from successful traders based on their profits.
  • Diversify your risk by joining us in Prop Trading 2.0.
  • Work with your clients instead of against them. Both parties can win and we’re working to benefit everyone.
  • We’re an established, reputable brand, working with us helps brokers gain exposure, brand recognition and positioning within the brokerage and Prop Trading industries.
  • Grow your brand as we grow ours.
  • Be part of the revolution. We are here to change the trading industry. By joining forces with us, you will play an important part in our mission.
  • We offer to all our clients new conversion, retention and activation tools.
  • Stop losing customers who want access to a prop trading model, give them a solution.
  • Provide your clients with free educational material from our library and help them succeed.
  • Provide your clients with access to a network of international, experienced mentors.
  • Market your strengths as a broker, define your trading conditions, number of instruments, and a provide brief summary of your brand.
  • Introduce other types of assets to your clients (real futures, real stocks, cryptocurrencies, indices and more).
  • Offer your clients free access to all the professional trading tools they need to succeed, all of which are provided by us.
  • There’s no capital required, if they pass our Trading Challenge, your traders will be compensated by us.
  • Benefit from detailed real time statistics and our high conversion rate.

What Makes Us Stand Out

We pride ourselves on our clear, simple rules and total transparency. We aim to bring clarity and simplicity to all our dealings.
Our traders will gain access to several of the industry’s pro-level leading trading platforms, this gives them a huge degree of freedom over how they work.
Trade every instrument you want. Futures, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto.
A growing network of experienced traders help traders sharpen their skills and become financially independent.
Strong educational support, tools, and systems for newbies and experienced traders! Traders get a free in-house E.A. to monitor their progress, add challenge parameters and avoid account breaching.
Rules are simple and straightforward. Not a complicated list with dozens of rules you need to comply with.

We’re making a change and
we want you by our side.

If you work in the trading industry and you’re committed to creating a fairer environment for all and acting in total transparency, then get in touch today, join the fastest growing professional network in the industry and let’s make trading fair.

Partner with The Trading Pit and let’s change the game!