Meet our CEO Daniela Egli as she introduces our industry-disrupting Program.

29 March 2023

Our Cyprus CEO of The Trading Pit joined us and gave a crucial message about the progressive development and support that The Trading Pit offers to traders.  

“Here at The Trading Pit, we offer plenty of support to our traders with education, resources and tools to allow them to grow financially.” 

Daniela has been in the financial sector for over fifteen years and has dedicated herself to business development, compliance and organizing significant mergers and acquisitions across Asia and Europe. Now, she is proud to be managing a team of talented individuals and share ideas about prop trading and exchange knowledge.  

Having Daniela Egli on the team is incredible, as she brings extreme value to The Trading Pit and gives the best level of support towards our vision. We are creating an innovative trading environment to support newcomers and experienced traders.  

The main idea is to offer the opportunity for traders to pass a challenge and progress to a scaling plan where they can keep up to 80% of the profits. The better the trader becomes, the more funds the trader unlocks.  

Furthermore, The Trading Pit is the only prop trading firm that offers traders the opportunity to dive into the certificate, hedge fund and asset management industry and grow professionally. So, join us and start earning! 

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