Osama Abdel Aziz: How dedication & precision led to a $7,100.94 Payout

Success Stories
Despina Theocharidou
21 November 2023

Introducing Osama Abdel Aziz, a dedicated 38-year-old trader from Egypt. Osama has navigated the complex world of trading since 2010, developing a unique strategy and discipline that have led to his success. With a total of four payouts amounting to $7,100.94, he stands as a testament to the potential of trading CFDs when approached with the right mindset and strategy.  


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

My name is Osama Abdel Aziz, and I am a 38-year-old Egyptian. 


2. How long have you been involved in trading? 

I have been trading since 2010. 


3. What inspired you to pursue a career in trading? 

Back in 2010, as a fresh graduate, I was exploring online opportunities for freelancing or remote work. During one of these searches, I stumbled upon an advertisement for a broker, which piqued my interest in the trading field. At that time, resources were limited, and I mainly relied on Arabic forums as the technology we have today wasn’t as readily available. 


4. Do you adhere to a specific trading plan? Could you briefly outline your strategy? 

I implemented some of the strategies and insights shared by a YouTuber named Sherif Khorshid into formulating my own trading strategy. Over the past two years, I have narrowed my focus to trading exclusively in Gold and Dow Jones. My approach is grounded in support and demand analysis, as well as price action. 


5. Can you share the strategy you followed to complete the TTP Challenge successfully? 

My strategy revolves around trading with the market open candle and analysing the Dow Jones to determine its direction—whether it’s up, down, or showing no clear trend. I employ a trailing stop loss for my trades and exercise patience in waiting for the right entry point. I generally advise against hedging and prefer to trade in a clear direction. For instance, with Dow Jones, I observe the 1-hour candle at the open market, wait for it to close, and then decide my next move based on whether it’s showing an upward or downward trend. For Gold, I trade in accordance with the general market direction, opting for buying when the trend is upward. 


6. How would you describe your experience with TTP? 

My experience with TTP has been exceptionally positive. The availability of Arabic support has made communication seamless, ensuring that all my queries are addressed promptly on the spot. The payment process is smooth and hassle-free. Additionally, the Daily Drawdown and Maximum Drawdown limits are fair and reasonable, even for beginners. Trading with TTP is extremely different from when I was trading alone. That’s because I am bound by specific rules, which compel me to calculate all potential risks before initiating any trade. This structured approach provides a sense of comfort and security in contrast to the uncertainty that comes with trading independently on my own. 



7. Why did you choose TTP over other proprietary trading firms? 

TTP’s Scaling Plan was very appealing to me. I found it to be motivational and provided a smooth path towards achieving financial freedom. The business model is solid and well thought out, which is evident from the information provided on the website. Learning about the management’s extensive experience in the field, including their affiliations with established entities like Tickmill and Ninja Trader, also instilled a sense of trust. 


8. What advice would you give to other traders attempting the TTP Challenge? 

It is crucial to thoroughly understand and calculate your risks before entering any trade. Make sure to read and comprehend the rules of the challenge. If anything is unclear, do not hesitate to seek clarification through the FAQ section or by contacting support. Being fully aware of the program’s details is imperative for success. 


9. Can you describe your best trade? 

I regard most of my trades as equally successful since they typically achieve the targets I set. 


10. What is the most important piece of advice you would offer to a new trader? 

Avoid listening to others that tell you how to manage your account. Invest time in educating yourself to make informed decisions about trade signals. Strive to understand charts thoroughly, watch numerous educational videos, and always prioritise risk management. Start with a demo account and practice until you are confident in your trading abilities. 


11. Could you provide an overview of your risk management strategy? 

I utilise a trailing stop loss and adjust my lot size according to the asset I am trading—0.05 for Gold and 0.30 for Dow Jones. The Daily Drawdown limit TTP set is perfect for my trading style. 


12. What recommendations do you have for someone just starting with The Trading Pit? 

Make sure to have a thorough understanding of the rules. Never hesitate to reach out to the support team for any queries, as the Arabic support team is incredibly helpful. 


13. Are there any online resources you can share with us that have significantly contributed to your trading development? 

Sherif Khorshid has been instrumental in my trading journey, especially his comprehensive course designed for beginners. 


14. What influenced your decision to trust TTP with your trading career? 

The transparency and well-established background of the management, coupled with the smooth and timely payment process, have instilled a sense of trust and comfort in my decision to trade with TTP. 


Wrapping Up 

Osama’s trading story is one of dedication, continuous learning, and strategic planning. His approach, grounded in a solid understanding of risk management and a keen analysis of market trends, has allowed him to maneuver the Challenges with confidence and precision. It is clear that Osama’s success is measured not just by his financial gains but also by the wealth of knowledge and experience he has accumulated.