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FAQ General Trading Do you have a gambling rule?

Do you have a gambling rule?


At The Trading Pit, we are committed to promoting safe and responsible trading. This Gambling Policy is written clearly and is designed to be accessible to all traders, ensuring that everyone is informed and guided appropriately. The primary purpose of this policy is to establish responsible trading practices and discourage actions resembling excessive risk-taking and gambling behaviours.

Quick Profits Warning

We alert our traders to the risk of chasing fast earnings. Such actions can be risky. We emphasize a focus on gradual, consistent profit-building to maintain the safety of our traders and the stability of the company.

Definition of Gambling Behaviour

"Gambling" is the term we use for actions that violate this policy. All traders should exhibit a disciplined and well-calculated approach, steering clear of overly risky behaviours.

Forbidden Gambling Practices in Trading


Excessive leverage is restricted. We expect all traders to use stop-loss orders and appropriately manage trade sizes to control and limit potential losses effectively.


We caution against overly concentrating on specific assets or markets. Creating a diversified portfolio is essential for mitigating risk and ensuring consistent returns.

One-sided Bets:

Avoid making trades predominantly in one direction without comprehensive market analysis. Every decision should be informed and supported by detailed research to maintain a balanced trading approach.


Avoid making too many trades in a short time or making decisions impulsively. Focus on well-thought-out trades that fit within your long-term plans and risk tolerance.

General Risk Management Guidelines

Every trader is expected to incorporate these crucial principles:

Maximum Risk Allocation: Avoid allocating a large amount of your account balance or equity for opening positions. Balanced allocation is essential for effectively managing and mitigating risks.

Position Sizing: It is critical to consider market conditions, your risk appetite, and pre-set stop-loss orders when determining the size of each trade. This practice ensures that trading activities remain balanced and within manageable risk confines.

Diversification: We encourage traders to diversify their portfolios. Investments should be spread across different assets, and a range of trading strategies and timeframes should be considered to mitigate risk and optimize the potential for consistent, positive returns.

Regular Review and Adjustment: Regularly reviewing and adjusting portfolios and trading strategies in response to changes in market conditions, economic indicators, and financial news is essential for aligning with both market and individual financial objectives.

Education and Awareness: The importance of staying informed and educated cannot be overstated. Continuous learning about market trends, new trading strategies, and risk management techniques is vital for informed trading decisions and optimal trading performance.

Monitoring and Accountability

We actively monitor all trading activities, and actions are taken to ensure adherence to the gambling policy. Any violations will lead to stringent measures, including restrictions in trading privileges and the revocation of profits that were generated through such violations. Leverage may be reduced, or in severe cases, the account might be terminated to uphold our trading standards.

You acknowledge and agree that the Gambling Policy is non-exhaustive and may be subject to modification at our sole discretion. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to consider and identify any other practices not explicitly mentioned in this list, that may pose a risk to the trading platform or related services. We may, in response to such risks, take any measures and actions we deem necessary to mitigate the identified risks.


Our Gambling Policy is key to our strong commitment to making sure that every trader within The Trading Pit is well-prepared for responsible and informed trading. This document is more than a set of rules; it is a helpful resource, making the journey to secure, ethical, and profitable trading clear and achievable for every member. By adhering to this policy, each trader not only improves their own skill and safety but also adds to the strength and integrity of our entire trading community. In unison, we’re building a story of shared success, marked by informed choices, respect for each other, and a common goal of creating a flourishing and ethical trading environment.

This Gambling Policy forms an integral part of our Terms and Conditions and Signal Provider Agreement. By registering on our website and accepting these terms, you acknowledge, understand and agree to the prohibited trading practices stated in this FAQ.