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FAQ Futures Platforms How can I connect my demo account with Quantower?

How can I connect my demo account with Quantower?

To connect your demo account to Quantower, follow the steps below:

1. Open Quantower and click on the Connection tab in the upper right that says, "The Trading Pit Rithmic".

2. A new pop-up will appear for you to log in. Enter the User ID and Password we sent you via email. Before you can connect, click on the Connection settings. 

3. Set the Demo server to TheTradingPit - Frankfurt / Chicago (depending on the server you see in your email). Please tick the 2 boxes ‘Enable ‘Market by Order’ (MBO) more’ and ‘Enable Rithmic logs’ as shown below.

4. If you see the below on your screen, your demo account is now connected to Quantower and you are ready to start trading. 

5. If you see the error below, please check your Internet connection, your Connection settings, or credentials.

If you have checked the above and can't seem to resolve the issue, please get in touch with our support team with a screenshot of your login, and we will happily assist you.