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FAQ Futures Platforms How do I connect my account with ATAS platform?

How do I connect my account with ATAS platform?

To connect your account with the ATAS platform, follow the steps below:

1. Go to the main window on the ATAS platform and left-click on Connections or Feed Source.

2. A new pop-up will appear, click the Add button on the bottom left to add a new connection.

3. From the new pop-up, choose data Provider “The TradingPit Rithmic” or if you have your own license choose “Rithmic” and click Next.

4. A new pop-up will appear so you can log in to your TTP account. To do so, enter your User ID and Password that we sent you via email, set your server to TheTradingPit Rithmic – Chicago/Frankfurt, and click Finish. 

5. On the Connections window, find “TheTradingPit Rithmic” or “Rithmic” (whichever you added earlier) and click Connect. Your TTP account is now connected to the ATAS and you are ready to trade. 

If you are not connected, please check if your credentials and server are correct and check your internet connection.