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FAQ General Trading What are your prohibited trading practices?

What are your prohibited trading practices?

During demo trading, the following is prohibited:

  • Knowingly or unknowingly use trading strategies to exploit errors in the Services, such as errors in displaying prices or delays in updating them.

  • Conducting business with an external or slow data feed.

  • Acting alone or in concert with others, including between linked accounts or accounts maintained at different companies in our group, to engage in transactions or combinations of transactions designed to manipulate trading, such as by taking opposing positions at the same time.

  • Execute trades in contradiction with our terms and conditions and those of the trading platform.

  • Use software, artificial intelligence, ultra-high speed or bulk data entry that could manipulate, abuse or give you an unfair advantage in the use of our systems or services.

  • Otherwise, transact business in a manner inconsistent with the manner in which trading is conducted on any of the financial markets made available or in a manner that gives rise to a reasonable concern that we may suffer financial or other harm as a result of your activities.

  • Achieving the profit target in one trade.

In addition, a trader shall not take advantage of the Services by executing trades without applying standard market risk management rules for trading in the financial markets, which includes, but is not limited to, the following practices:

  • Opening substantially larger position sizes relative to your other trades, whether in your or another Client Account; or

  • Opening a substantially smaller or larger number of positions relative to your other trades, whether in your or another Client Account. We reserve the right to determine, in our sole discretion, whether certain trades, practices, strategies or situations constitute prohibited trading practices.

  • During demo trading we do not allow abusive strategies which may or may not include any strategies that may give rise to concerns that the we or the broker or execution venue might suffer financial harm or other harm as a result of your activities.

  • It is prohibited to perform any trading method which uses exploitation of price discrepancies or glitches within different markets of similar or identical assets, also known as Arbitrage trading.

It is also prohibited to:

  • Perform High-frequency trading strategies in which the majority of the trades duration span is measured by a few seconds or less.

  • Perform bracketing strategies (opening pending orders) around high-impact news.

  • Trading 2 minutes before and after the release of financial news is not allowed.

  • Involve any other technology which interferes with the platform’s networking.

It is further prohibited to:

  • Intentionally or unintentionally employ trading strategies that take advantage of errors within the system, such as inaccuracies in price display or delays in updates.

  • Execute trades using external feeds.

  • Manipulate trading by executing trades alone or in collaboration with others, including between connected accounts or accounts held with different entities, or by entering into opposing positions simultaneously.

  • Utilize any software, AI, ultra-high speed, or mass data entry that manipulates, misuses, or gives an unfair advantage when using the system or services.

  • Perform gap trading, for example:

    • Gap trading is strictly prohibited when Trades are executed in anticipation of major global news, macroeconomic events, or corporate earnings reports specifically when such events are likely to impact the prices of financial instruments in the relevant market.

    • Trades are opened 2 hours or less before the closing of a financial market that is scheduled to be closed for 2 hours or longer, exploiting expected price gaps upon market reopening.

  • Execute trades in a way that contradicts how trading is conducted in the financial market, or in a way that raises concerns that we may suffer financial or other harm as a result of your actions (e.g. overleveraging, overexposure, one-sided bets, account rolling).

  • Trade coordination or copy trading with other traders or accounts.

  • It is prohibited to involve Expert Advisors which scalp during the rollover-night, using market or pending orders.

  • When using trading robots (Expert Advisors – EAs), especially with the use of an EA from a third party, there might be other traders already using the same EA and therefore exactly the same strategy. Having the same strategy amongst a group of traders is prohibited.

  • By using a third-party EA, and which the Client does not own the source code, the Client potentially runs a risk of being denied passing the Challenge, and proceeding to the Scaling Plan.

EA´s that performs any of the following activities are prohibited:

  • Copy trades of other person signals

  • Perform tick scalping

  • Perform latency arbitrage trading

  • Perform reverse arbitrage trading

  • Perform hedge arbitrage trading

  • Use emulators

Other prohibited trading practices:

Excessive or Unrealistic Trading Volume: Engaging in an excessive or unrealistic number of lots/contracts traded within a single day is prohibited.

Lot Size Manipulation: Traders are prohibited from using significantly smaller lot sizes to reach profit targets after executing one large trade, in an attempt to fulfill minimum trading day requirements. If the account review reveals a substantial difference in lot sizes used to pass the minimum time rule, the challenge will be considered failed.

Non-Speculative Trading Behaviour: The trading program is designed to accommodate all speculative trading strategies. Any trading style that deviates from speculative trading behaviour is prohibited.

Rollover Scalping Arbitrage: Engaging in activities that exploit interest rate differences on currency pairs through rollover scalping arbitrage is prohibited.

Contradictory Trading Practices: Executing trades that contradict standard trading practices in the forex market or any other financial market, or that raise concerns about potential financial or operational harm to the service provider, is prohibited. This includes actions such as overleveraging, overexposure, one-sided bets, and account rolling.

Unrealistic Fills: Using large lot sizes and closing positions within a minimal number of pips without accounting for slippage, resulting in unrealistic fills, is prohibited.

Any demo accounts which do not respect these prohibited trading practices will be canceled, banned, and not refunded and the users banned from using our services.

You acknowledge and agree that this list of Prohibited Trading Practices is non-exhaustive and may be subject to modification at our sole discretion. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to consider and identify any other practices not explicitly mentioned in this list, that may pose a risk to the trading platform or related services. We may, in response to such risks, take any measures and actions we deem necessary to mitigate the identified risks.

The purpose of our prohibited trading practices is to establish a framework for identifying and addressing activities that pose a risk to the integrity and reputation of the trading platform and related services provided by us.

These prohibited trading practices form an integral part of our Terms and Conditions and Signal Provider Agreement. By registering on our website and accepting these

terms, you acknowledge, understand and agree to the prohibited trading practices stated in this FAQ.