Eurex Exchange Your Gateway To The European Markets

14 November 2022

Portfolio Diversification with European Assets Made Easy!

EUREX is one of the world's most liquid fixed-income markets. It provides open and affordable electronic access to its trading facilities, along with access to its partner network across Europe and beyond. Located in Eschborn, Germany, it is a member of the Deutsche Börse Group. It has a strong focus on European-based derivatives, ranging from German and Swiss debt instruments to European stocks and various indexes.

Over 6,0 million contracts are traded every day across a global network of more than 7,700 traders in 35 countries. Eurex provides direct access to more than 2,000 products, including global derivatives with some of the highest liquidities.

Eurex trades not just derivatives, but also European bonds, stocks, and stock indexes. Besides facilitating derivatives trading, Eurex also offers clearing and contract settlement. Annually, this exchange settles over 1.6 million contracts.

Eurex's fully electronic network is widely regarded as one of the most advanced and innovative networks globally. Approximately 200 members in 19 countries use Eurex's Clearing to settle contracts and transactions. The Eurex market ranks among the largest global markets for futures and options. More than 700 locations worldwide have access to its electronic trading system, which specializes in European derivatives.


Always At The Forefront Of Electronic Trading

The T7 trading software, designed by Deutsche Börse Group, builds on the T7 trading platform's track record as a first-mover in electronic trading. It is a leading-edge trading platform with a powerful set of capabilities. Ultra-low latency, robustness, and safe handling of very high throughput are all achieved through state-of-the-art technology. The T7 platform supports both on-book and off-book trading.

On-book Trading

On-book trading involves buyers and sellers entering their orders and quotes into a central order book, and then executing these orders and quotes against each other.

In on-book trading, neither the owner of an order nor the counterparty is disclosed. In non-CCP products, counterparties are revealed in trade confirmations. A market participant may access anonymous market information such as the best Bid and Ask price as well as their aggregated bid and offer sizes in real time.

  • Streamlined Processing & Reporting

  • Enhanced Functionality, Improved Calendar Spreads, Packs & Bundles

  • Significantly reduced time-to-market for introducing new products and features

  • A more flexible schedule for software upgrades

Off-book Trading

Off-book trading involves prearranged trades. Participants in an off-book trade agree on the price and quantity before the trade is entered into the exchange system. Trades that take place off-book on T7 are also known as T7 Entry Services (TES).

The terms off-book trading and T7 Entry Services (TES) are used interchangeably. T7 also offers off-book trades outside the central order book by using Eurex EnLight and Xetra EnLight.


Become A Eurex Trader In 3 Simple Steps

1.      Register for our challenges to join The Trading Pit and become our partner in trade.

2.      Download and install Eurex on your device(s) to leverage your performance.

3.      Pit your wits against the markets like a Trading Pit Hero.

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What is the Eurex?

Eurex Exchange is a global exchange primarily focused on trading European derivatives. Owned by Deutsche Börse Group, it is currently Europe's largest futures and options market. The Eurex Exchange trades a variety of products, ranging from German and Swiss debt instruments to European stocks and various stock indices.


Is Eurex a Clearing House?

Eurex Clearing is one of the largest central counterparties worldwide. The innovative solutions offered by Eurex enable market liquidity, efficiency, and integrity. The firm operates the world's most liquid fixed income markets and provides free, low-cost electronic access. Through unique clearing models, Eurex Clearing establishes trust with and among market participants, facilitating efficient risk management.


How to install the Eurex?

The Trading Pit provides all its traders with free access to Eurex's products and services without additional charges. Upon purchasing a new challenge, resetting or extending an existing challenge, they will have access to Eurex trading software and future assets.


What products can I trade on Eurex?

There are a variety of asset classes available to traders at The Trading Pit. A total of 445 assets are available for traders to choose from, including 48 minor and 6 major Forex CFDs. Furthermore, Eurex offers 226 international Stock CFDs, 9 cryptocurrencies CFDs, 78 International Exchange Traded Funds, 14 international indices, and 8 of the most popular and Commodity CFDs such as Gold and WTI.


What are the differences between the on-book and off-book trading on Eurex?

In on-book trading, buyers and sellers place orders and quotes in a central order book and execute them against each other. There is no disclosure of the owner or counterparty of an order in on-book trading. Non-CCP products reveal counterparties in trade confirmations. Market participants may access real-time anonymous market data, such as best bid and ask prices, and offer sizes. Off-book trading involves prearranged trades outside the central order book.