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How It Works


Reach your profit targets without breaching risk management rules.

If your starting balance is $100,000, you must increase your account balance to $108,000, an 8% profit.

Hit your targets and request your profit share payout.

Suppose your account balance is $108,000 after closing your positions; we’ll split the profit of $8,000. You will receive a payout of  up to $4,800, and we will retain up to $3,200

Move to a bigger Earnings Account with an increment of your starting balance.

If you start with a $100,000 Account Balance, the next Account Balance will be $150,000.

What Happens
When You Reach
Your Target

  • Request your Payout.

  • You get a new account with another increment of your starting balance.

Prove Your Skills, Manage Risk,
Start Earning From Your Trades

Grow Your Account And Maximise Earnings

Benefit from our competitive profit-sharing model.

Pass the Trading Challenge and gain access to our Earning Accounts. Scale up to $5M with up to 80% profit share.

Our profit-sharing model is designed to reward your trading success. Achieve your Profit Targets, get closer to accessing larger Earning Accounts, and claim a significant share of the profits. With up to 80% profit-sharing scheme, the better you perform, the more you earn. Each time you meet a Profit Target, you unlock an even greater payout potential. This structure ensures that we’re invested in your success – as you grow, so do your rewards.
Payout at every level up

Claim your profit share and progress to the next level—no need to choose between advancement and payout. Unlock bigger accounts, amplifying your earning potential.

With our system, requesting a payout won’t hinder your progress towards the next level. So, even as you claim your profits, you remain on track to unlock larger accounts and further boost your earning potential.
Weekly Payout

Hit your profit target and receive payment the following Friday!

You’ll unlock the next level after meeting your profit target. As you climb to each new level, your profit share can be processed for payment.

How Your Rewards Progress


You can claim your earnings weekly, from Credit Cards to Cryptos to Online Bank Transfers.


Opt for our ambitious $5 million scaling plan, amplifying your trading potential.


Every step is transparent. We have no hidden fees, and with our 80% profit share, you know you’re getting a fair deal.

Requesting A
Payout: What To

Achieve your target, and upon your payout request, we’ll process the payment next Friday. At The Trading Pit, our accounts cater to Euro, USD, and Crypto. Once you’ve submitted your KYC documents, you can select your desired payout method and currency.

Generated profits in a EUR account but prefer a USD payout? No problem! Your payout will be calculated based on the currency exchange rate of the payout day. Our current withdrawal options include bank wire transfers and cryptocurrencies.

Note: To cover transaction fees/gas fees, a 1% fee will be deducted. To ensure fairness, this fee will be automatically calculated on your final profit share amount rather than on the total profit made in your trading account.

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Your Questions, Answered

Yes! We offer our CFD and Futures Lite Challenges at just 99$, which allows traders that want to get a taste of our product to signup with a low entry cost.

Once you hit your profit target, request a payout from your Dashboard. We'll then send you a Performance Report to complete with your Bank/Crypto details for the payout. Submit your filled Performance Report by Monday for payout on Friday. Reports submitted after Tuesday will be paid the next Friday.

All our offered platforms are included in the price you pay for the Challenge. You can find more information on our provided platforms here.

The Reset Feature offers the opportunity to retake the Challenge during your remaining days using a new demo account. The Extend option enables adding extra days to your Challenge, retaining all your trading progress to date.

Let’s say you manage to secure an $1,000 target, you get to keep $800, while the prop trading firm takes $200.

After passing a Challenge, you progress to the Earnings Account step. In this phase, you'll be assigned a Profit Target and drawdown for a new demo account. Upon achieving the Profit Target, you'll receive a payout and gain access to a higher-level demo account equipped with increased virtual profit.

We currently offer both EUR and USD trading accounts through our partner brokers. If you make profits in one currency, but want to be paid out in another, then this is possible. All we will do is convert the amount based on the exchange rate on that day and process your payout in your preferred currency.

Withdrawal option for Profits are Crypto and bank wire.

No hidden Fees or Charges are Applicable.

By choosing our CFDs VIP Challenge, you will have the opportunity to scale up to $5M.

The Trading Pit Challenge allows you to demonstrate your trading skills and gain access to our earnings account. The Trading Pit Challenge presents two asset classes, featuring various levels tailored to your trading expertise. To succeed in The Trading Pit Challenge, you need to meet profit targets while complying with rules like drawdown limits and minimum trading days.

We currently offer both EUR and USD trading accounts.

Proof of Identity and proof or address is required for client to be able to withdrawal the profits. Proof of Identity is required for affiliates to be able to withdrawal their commission.