The platform for confident multi-asset traders

Quantower is the platform of choice for many experienced traders interested in trading a variety of assets as it offers access to Forex, CFDs, Cryptos, Options, Futures and Stocks.

Quantower compromises a workstation that can be freely customized in-depth with a wide variety of interfaces offering a very flexible and user-friendly trading experience.

Quantower also offers a wide variety of analytical tools and charts allowing traders to support their own strategies with algorithms.

5 Key Benefits of Quantower

  • Specific trading functions
  • Individual trading workspace
  • Multi-asset trading via a single platform
  • Various synchronous data providers
  • Open API + VisualStudio connect

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Our goal is to build a community of professional traders who are passionate about the global markets.

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FAQs about Quantower

Learn more on how to download Quantower.

You can find the Quantower download link on our website here.

For more information on how to connect your account to Quantower, click here.

Learn more about our commissions and instruments.

You can check all our fees and commissions here.

For more information on how to connect your account to Quantower, click here.